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  Pretty Little Liars Finally Reveals A's Identity – And It's Seriously Twisted!


  [Spoiler alert: The following reveals major plot points from the Pretty Little Liars finale. Read at your own risk!]

  [爆料警报:接下来将披露《美少女的谎言》半季季终集的重要剧情。如果读下去,风险自负! ]

  Pretty Little Liars.


  Tuesday's Season 6A finale got right into it and, just as executive producer Marlene King had promised us, A was revealed in the first 12 minutes. So who is Charles? CeCe (Vanessa Ray)!


  Here's how the reveal went down. Aria (Lucy Hale), Hannah (), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Mona (Janel Parrish) end up in this crazy futuristic lair, where they see a live feed of Alison (Sasha Pieterse) next to what appears to be a dead Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis. (Fortunately, they're not.) As the girls watch the feed, they see CeCe aka Charles explain that she was locked up after she accidentally almost drowned Alison and, at the same time, Charles wanted to be a girl and Mr. D. never could accept it. "The next seven years at Radley I was alone," she said, sharing that while her dad wouldn't visit, once she turned 12 her mom started to buy her all the same dresses that she bought Alison.


  We also got some other big answers we've been waiting for. First, in another flashback, a young Bethany pushes Toby's mom off the roof and then blamed it on Charles, calling her "a freak." Mrs. DiLaurentis (), who knew the truth, paid off Wilden to make sure Toby's mom's death was ruled a suicide so that Charles wouldn't be in trouble. Next, Charles was diagnosed with "intermittent explosive disorder" and was "doped up on tranqs" before Mrs. D. brought her back to Radley. She eventually made it to UPenn, where she met her brother Jason. "I know what you're going to say: it's screwed up I dated my brother," CeCe says before explaining that no, they never went there.


  Later in the episode, we see the all-important scene where Alison was knocked out, but it was because CeCe thought it was Bethany coming back to haunt her. Mrs. D., as we know, witnessed everything from inside. WIlden was paid off yet again to cover it up after CeCe and Mrs. D. buried Alison alive (thinking she was dead). CeCe also found a drugged-up Mona in Radley, and she somehow believed she was talking to Alison the whole time it was CeCe. Once Mona was back with it, CeCe decided it was time to make friends in Rosewood, putting on her best Alison impression to the girls. CeCe, meanwhile, revealed Red Coat to be Sarah! I knew that girl was trouble, amirite? In the flashback from the fire, that's when CeCe discovered Alison was alive and it was time to end the game and skip town.


  But she couldn't just let it go, right? CeCe had to kill Wilden when he found out that Alison was alive as she and Sarah (also Black Widow) continued their reign of torment. In the end, we also learned that CeCe discovered a lifeless Mrs. D. - but we don't know who killed her - and Spencer defused a bomb. The girls and CeCe end up on the roof where CeCe says, "Game over." We quickly flash to Labor Day when the girls are saying goodbye as Aria is heading to Savannah, Spencer to Georgetown and Sarah has been "released from the hospital." Five years later, Alison is a teacher - and married - and the girls come to warn her that "he is coming for you!"


  So was the reveal everything you hoped for? Were your theories right? Are you excited for the show's five-year time jump? Are you still confused like we are? Are you wondering how Spencer defused a bomb? Weigh in below!




  中国论文网 http://www.xzbu.com/9/view-826876.htm

  有人说这部电视剧是《绯闻女孩》(Gossip Girl)和《我知道你去年夏天干了什么》(I Know What You Did Last Summer)的综合体,也有人说它就像一部少女版的《绝望主妇》(Desperate Housewives)。改编自同名小说的《美少女的谎言》让已经拍烂的青春剧题材找到了新方向:在校园、亲情、爱情与友情这些常规套路以外,这部作品着眼于这个年龄层的黑暗面,还带有解谜探秘的悬疑色彩,自去年开播以来大受青少年观众的欢迎,也让四名主演迅速跃升为新一代青春偶像――


  Emily: Aria?

  Aria: Emily!

  Emily: When did you get back?

  Aria: Hey! Yesterday.

  Emily: (laughs) I almost didn’t recognize you. I think the last time we saw each other, you had a pink stripe[条带] in your hair.

  Aria: Yeah, well, when your parents want you to be yourself and you don’t know who you are...

  Emily: You wore it well. You should have called. It’s so weird[怪异的] just running into you here.

  Aria: Oh…we kinda of lost touch, Emily,


  Emily: I mean, that’s what we had to do.

  Aria: (sighs) I saw a poster of Alison yesterday.

  Emily: It’s awful[糟糕的]. I mean, we all know she’s dead, right?

  Aria: I just never heard anyone say it.

  [In the classroom.]

  Emily: So I hear the new teacher’s really hot.

  Aria: Is that Hanna?

  Emily: She’s the It Girl now. And where there’s Hanna, there’s Mona.

  Aria: That’s Mona?!

  Emily: Can you believe it?

  Aria: Wow, talk about a makeover. What’s up with her? You two fighting?

  Emily: We didn’t just fall out of touch with you, Aria. We all fell out of touch with each other. (Spencer walks in.) They’re not so close anymore either.

  Aria: So they’re friendly, but not friends.























  “run into”为及物动词短语,最常用的义项为“(使汽车)撞在……上,猛撞”,另外还有“遇到(困难),陷于(困境)”或者“(累计)达到”的意思。它在非正式语境中可以表示“偶然碰见”,例如:

  Guess who I ran into in town today? (你猜猜我今天在镇上碰见谁了?)


  在《美少女的谎言》(pretty little liars)过去的四季中,艾莉森·迪劳伦蒂斯(Alison DiLaurentis)总是出现在闪回和一些疯狂的梦境中,但是这位前社交女王将在第五季里回归现实世界,而且火力全开。ABC家庭台发布了第五季第3集的简介,题名叫作“余震的威力”(Surfing the Aftershocks)。艾莉森的扮演者萨莎·皮特丝(Sasha Pieterse)在接受Zap2it网采访时表示,在这一集中,艾莉森将要承受丧母之痛,而这将成为整个第五季的线索。

  “离奇的事件正在上演,”皮特丝说,“如果某人的女儿回来了,而她本人却失踪了,这该有多奇怪啊。一整季的剧情都会与此相关,而且绝对会在开头就见到谜团的部分线索。”她还补充道:“杰森·迪劳伦蒂斯(Jason DiLaurentis)将要为家族里发生的事情而回到玫瑰镇。”


  这个人会是费兹老师(Mr. Fitz)吗?以斯拉-艾莉森(Ezra-Alison)的CP粉们,可别太期待了哟!